Bike Hike!

Valley Forge Bike Hike
Sunday November 8th
Weather: 55 Degrees & Sunny
Type of Event: Patrol Activity (Nutty Chipmunks planned)
Time: Start Time 1:45 PM / Finish 4:30 PM
Adults: Adam Wilson, Steve Hofmann, Charles Thomasset, Frank Heckman
Scouts: Riley Heckman, Mark Hofmann, Nathan Creelman, Tom Hofmann, Julien Thomasset, Callum Wilson, Reese Gagne
Non-Scouts: Sean Mennen

Scouts and adults did 8.96 miles on the Valley Forge trail system, roughly following the Valley Forge Historical Hike. We visited the outer line defenses, the statue of Anthony Wayne, the artillery park, Washington’s HQ, the Washington Chapel. Got turned around on the Valley Stream trail (which was under construction and closed half-way in).

Total Mileage: 8.961108151409 1108151410 1108151410a

New Scout Leaders!

SPL. Clayton
ASPL. Mark & Callum
Scribe. Max
Historian. Jack B
Quartermaster. Michael
Webmaster. Julien
Chaplain. Zander
OA rep. Nathan

Chipmunk PL-Griffin, APL-Riley
Hornet PL-Jack, APL-Simon
Psycho Bananas PL-Ezekiel, APL-Julien
Screeching Eagles PL-Michael, APL-Jeremy
Imagine Dragons PL-AJ, APL-Evan